Stanford Electrical Engineering

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Mission Statement

The mission of the Department of Electrical Engineering is to offer an EE undergraduate program that augments the liberal education expected of all Stanford undergraduates and imparts a basic understanding of electrical engineering built on a foundation of physical science, mathematics, computing, and technology.

Graduates of the undergraduate program are expected to possess knowledge of the fundamentals of electrical engineering and of at least one specialty area. The graduates are expected to have the basic experimental, design, and communication skills to be prepared for continued study at the graduate level or for entry level positions that require a basic knowledge of electrical engineering, science, and technology.

Educational Objectives

Technical Knowledge

Provide a basic knowledge of electrical engineering principles along with the required supporting knowledge of mathematics, science, computing, and engineering fundamentals. The program must include depth in at least one specialty area, currently including Computer Hardware, Computer Software, Controls, Electronics, Fields and Waves, and Communication and Signal Processing.

Laboratory and Design Skills

Develop the basic skills needed to perform and design experimental projects. Develop the ability to formulate problems and projects and to plan a process for solution taking advantage of diverse technical knowledge and skills.

Communications Skills

Develop the ability to organize and present information and to write and speak effective English.

Preparation for Further Study

Provide sufficient breadth and depth for successful subsequent graduate study, post-graduate study, or lifelong learning programs.

Preparation for the Profession

Provide an appreciation for the broad spectrum of issues arising in professional practice, including teamwork, leadership, safety, ethics, service, economics, and professional organizations.