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Course # Course Name Cross-listed
E 40 Introductory Electronics  
EE 017Q From Chips to Genes Seminar  
EE 041 Physics of Electrical Engineering  
EE 044 Engineering Storytime  
EE 045 Science and Technology in WWII and What Happened Afterward  
EE 060Q Science of the Earth's Environment GEOPHYS 60Q
EE 100 The Electrical Engineering Profession  
EE 101A Circuits I  
EE 101B Circuits II  
EE 102A Signal Processing and Linear Systems I  
EE 102B Signal Processing and Linear Systems II  
EE 105 Feedback Control Design ENGR 105
EE 106 Planetary Exploration  
EE 108A Digital Systems I  
EE 108B Digital Systems II  
EE 109 Digital Systems Design Lab  
EE 116 Semiconductor Device Physics  
EE 122 Analog Circuits Laboratory  
EE 133 Analog Communications Design Laboratory  
EE 134 Introduction to Photonics  
EE 136 Introduction to Nanophotonics and Nanostructures  
EE 137 Laboratory Electronics APPPHYS 207
EE 138 Laboratory Electronics APPPHYS 208
EE 140 The Earth from Space GEOPHYS 140
EE 141 Engineering Electromagnetics  
EE 141M Engineering Electromagnetics with Mathematica  
EE 144 Wireless Electromagnetic Design Laboratory  
EE 167 Introductory Computer Graphics CS 148
EE 168 Introduction to Digital Image Processing  
EE 178 Probabilistic Systems Analysis  
EE 179 Introduction to Communications  
EE 184 Programming Paradigms CS 107
EE 189A Object-Oriented System Design CS 108
EE 189B Software Project CS 194
EE 201B EE Seminar  
EE 202 Medical Electronics  
EE 203 The Entrepreneurial Engineer  
EE 204 Business Management for Electrical Engineers and Computer Scientists  
EE 205 Introduction to Control Design Techinques ENGR 205
EE 206 Control System Design and Simulation ENGR 206
EE 207D Optimal Control and Hybrid Systems AA 278
EE 209A Analysis and Control of Nonlinear Systems ENGR 209A
EE 209B Advanced Nonlinear Control ENGR 209B
EE 212 Integrated Circuit Fabrication Processes  
EE 213 Heat Transfer in Microdevices ME 358
EE 214 Analog Integrated Circuit Design  
EE 215 Bipolar Analog Integrated Circuit Design  
EE 216 Principles and Models of Semiconductor Devices  
EE 218 Introduction to Nanotechnology and Nanoelectronics  
EE 222 Applied Quantum Mechanics I APPPHYS 150/222
EE 223 Applied Quantum Mechanics II APPPHYS 262/223
EE 227 Application of Quantum Information APPPHYS 227
EE 228 Basic Physics for Solid State Electronics  
EE 229B Thin Film and Interface Microanalysis MATSCI 323
EE 229D Introductin to Magnetism and Magnetic Nanostructures MATSCI 347
EE 231 Introduction to Lasers  
EE 232 Laser Dynamics  
EE 234 Photonics Laboratory  
EE 235 Guided Wave Optical Devices  
EE 236 Solid State Physics I APPPHYS 272
EE 237 Solid State Physics II APPPHYS 273
EE 238 Electronic and Optical Properties of Solids MATSCI 199/209
EE 241 Waves I  
EE 243 Semiconductor Optoelectronic Devices  
EE 244 Communication Engineering Transmission Systems  
EE 245 Wireless Electromagnetic Design Laboratory  
EE 246 Microwave Engineering  
EE 247 Introduction to Optical Fiber Communications  
EE 249 Introduction to the Space Environment  
EE 251 Progress in Worldwide Telecommunications MS&E 237
EE 252 Antennas for Telecommunications and Remote Sensing  
EE 254 Principles of Radar Systems  
EE 256 Numerical Electromagnetics  
EE 261 The Fourier Transform and its Applications  
EE 262 Two-Dimensional Imaging  
EE 263 Introduction to Linear Dynamical Systems  
EE 264 Digital Filtering  
EE 265 Signal Processing Laboratory  
EE 268 Introduction to Modern Optics  
EE 271 Introduction to VLSI Systems  
EE 273 Digital Systems Engineering  
EE 274 Introduction to Cryptography CS 255
EE 275 Logic Design  
EE 276 Introduction to Wireless Personal Communications  
EE 277 Stochastic Decision Models  
EE 278 Introduction to Statistical Signal Processing  
EE 279 Introduction to Communication Systems  
EE 281 Embedded System Design Laboratory  
EE 282 Computer Architecture and Organization  
EE 283 Compilers CS 143
EE 284 Introduction to Computer Networks  
EE 285 Programming Languages CS 242
EE 286A Operating Systems and System Programming CS 140
EE 286B Advanced Topics in Operating Systems CS 240
EE 287 Introduction to Computer Graphics CS 248
EE 288 Mathematical Methods for Robotics, Vision and Graphics CS 205
EE 289 Introduction to Computer Vision CS 223B
EE 290ABC Curricular Practical Training  
EE 292A Global Positioning Systems AA 272C
EE 292B Electronic Documents: Paper to Digital  
EE 292E Analysis and Control of Markov Chains  
EE 292F Digital Processing of Speech Signals  
EE 293A Fundamentals of Energy Processes  
EE 293B Fundamentals of Energy Processes  
EE 294A Artificial Intelligence: Principles & Techniques CS 221
EE 294B Probabilistic Models in Artificial Intelligence CS 228
EE 294C Machine Learning CS 229
EE 309 Semiconductor Memory Devices and Technology  
EE 310 Integrated Circuits Technology and Design Seminar  
EE 311 Advanced Integrated Circuit Fabrication Processes  
EE 312 Micromachined Sensors and Actuators  
EE 313 Digital MOS Integrated Circuits  
EE 314 RF Integrated Circuit Design  
EE 315 VLSI Data Conversion Circuits  
EE 316 Advanced VLSI Devices  
EE 317 Micropatterning for Integrated Circuits  
EE 318 Logic Synthesis of VLSI Circuits  
EE 319 Computer-Aided System Design Laboratory  
EE 320 Automatic Formal Verification Techniques CS 356
EE 321 MEMS Design  
EE 322 Molecular Electronics and Photonics  
EE 325 Nanoscale Science, Engineering and Technology MATSCI 316
EE 326 Organic Semiconductors for Electronics and Photonics MATSCI 343
EE 327 Properties of Semiconductor Materials  
EE 329 Electronic structure of surfaces and interfaces  
EE 335 Introduction to Information Storage Systems  
EE 336 Nanophotonics  
EE 338A Quantum Optics and Measurements APPPHYS 387
EE 338B Mesoscopic Physics and Nanostructures APPPHYS 388
EE 340 Advanced Topicsin Optics and Quantum Optics  
EE 343 Advanced Optoelectronic Devices  
EE 344 High Frequency Laboratory  
EE 345 Optical Fiber Communication Laboratory  
EE 346 Introduction to Nonlinear Optics  
EE 347 Optical Methods in Engineering Science  
EE 348 Advanced Optical Fiber Communications  
EE 349 Nano-Optics and Grating Photonics  
EE 350 Radioscience Seminar  
EE 354 Introduction to Radio Wave Scattering  
EE 356 Elementary Plasma Physics  
EE 358A Lasers Laboratory APPPHYS 304
EE 358B Nonlinear Optics Laboratory APPPHYS 305
EE 359 Wireless Communications  
EE 360 Wireless Networks  
EE 361A Modern Control Design I ENGR 207A
EE 361B Modern Control Design II ENGR 207B
EE 362 Applied Vision and Image Systems PSYCH 221
EE 363 Linear Dynamical Systems  
EE 364 Convex Optimization with Engineering Applications  
EE 366 Introduction to Fourier Optics  
EE 367A Signal Processing Methods in Musical Acoustics MUSIC 420
EE 367B Applications of the Fast Fourier Transform MUSIC 421
EE 367C Perceptual Audio Coding MUSIC 422
EE 368 Digital Image Processing  
EE 369A Medical Imaging Systems I  
EE 369B Medical Imaging Systems II  
EE 369C Medical Image Reconstruction  
EE 371 Advanced VLSI Circuit Design  
EE 372 Quantization and Compression  
EE 373A Adaptive Signal Processing  
EE 373B Adaptive Neural Networks  
EE 376A Information Theory  
EE 376B Information Theory  
EE 377A Dynamic Programming and Stochastic Control MS&E 351
EE 377B Approximate Dynamic Programming MS&E 339
EE 378 Statistical Signal Processing  
EE 379A Digital Communication I  
EE 379B Digital Communication II  
EE 379C Advanced Digital Communication  
EE 380 Computer Systems Laboratory Colloquium  
EE 381A Database System Implementation CS 346
EE 381B Transaction Processing and Distributed Databases CS 347
EE 382A Advanced Processor Architecture  
EE 382B Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming CS 315A
EE 382D Advanced Computer Arithmetic  
EE 383 Advanced Compiling Techniques CS 243
EE 384A Internet Routing Protocols and Standards  
EE 384B Multimedia Communication over the Internet  
EE 384C Wireless Local Area Networks  
EE 384D Projects in Computer Networks CS 344
EE 384M Network Algorithms  
EE 384S Network Architecture and Performance Engineering MS&E 334
EE 384X Packet Switch Architectures I  
EE 384Y Packet Switch Architectures II  
EE 385A Digital Systems Reliability Seminar  
EE 386A Parallel Computer Architecture and Programming CS 315A
EE 387 Error-Correcting Codes  
EE 392A Database System Principles CS 245
EE 392B Introduction to Image Sensors and Digital Cameras  
EE 392F Logic Synthesis of VLSI Circuits  
EE 392G Terahertz Technologies and Applications  
EE 392O Optimization Projects  
EE 392Q Mobile and Wireless Networks and Applications  
EE 392R Charged Particle Optics  
EE 392T Seminar in Chip Test and Debug  
EE 392W Wireless Sensor Networks Concepts and Implementation  
EE 392Y Wireless Sensor Network Lab  
EE 392Z Random Matrices in Communications  
EE 398 Image and Video Systems  
EE 398A Image Communication I  
EE 398B Image Communication II  
EE 399 Topics in Computer Vision CS 328
EE 402A Topics in International Technology Management  
EE 402S Topics in International Advanced Technology Research  
EE 402T Entrepreneurship in Asian High Tech Industries  
EE 410 Integrated Circuit Fabrication Laboratory  
EE 414 Design of Discrete RF Circuit for Communication Systems  
EE 418 Topics in Neuroengineering  
EE 419 High-Frequency Modeling of Semiconductor Devices  
EE 469A In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Spectroscopy and Imaging RAD 226
EE 469B RF Pulse Design for Magnetic Resonance Imaging  
EE 478 Topics in Multiple User Information Theory  
EE 479 Multiuser Digital Transmission Systems  
EE 481A Computer Graphics CS 348A
EE 481B Computer Graphics CS 348B
EE 483 Computer Architecture and Compilers from Embedded Applications CS 343
EE 484 Topics in Computer Graphics CS 448
EE 485 Broad Area Colloquium for AI, Geometry, Graphics, Roboticsand Vision CS 528
EE 492M Space-Time Wireless Communications