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Bioscience is one the most important engineering systems that mankind wishes to model, understand, and engineer. Bio-EE provides a rich set of analytical tools to tackle these systems. The strength of our group is the ability to work with imaging technologies, instrumentation and analysis.

Bio-EE: Imaging

We develop a broad range of imaging technologies, from devices to systems, for biomedical applications ranging from microscopy to whole-body imaging.

Bio-EE: Instrumentation

We apply electronics, sensors and algorithms to measuring biological properties ranging from molecular concentrations through operation of the cardiovascular system in a human patient.


Amin ArbabianRobert DuttonAudrey EllerbeeJames HarrisMark A. HorowitzRoger T. HoweGregory KovacsCraig Levin, Albert Macovski, Teresa MengDwight NishimuraJohn PaulyFabian PeaseAda PoonKrishna ShenoyOlav Solgaard, Shan WangBernard Widrow