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Study of the environment, energy and climate using tools from systems theory, sensing, networking, control and signal processing.

Fundamental issues related to sustainable energy generation, application to efficient generation of electricity, heating/cooling for domestic use. High interest application areas include energy conservation, climate change, water and carbon cycles and oil/gas exploration.

Energy/Environment- Distributed Control/Optimization

Smart grids, application of controls and optimization to efficient generation and transmission of electrical energy. Green networks, minimizing network energy consumption while continuing to improve performance. Networked co-generation systems using solar and flex fuel for home and small business use. Research includes transmission and switching in optical, wireless and copper networks across in-building, access, metro, and wide-area network domains.

Energy/Environment- Environmental Monitoring

Research in applications and technology for studying the environment, including systems, signal processing, and analysis. New sensors and systems for measuring aspects of energy and energy usage, climate and climate change, Earth's hydrologic and carbon cycles, water resources, oil and gas exploration and extraction.

Energy/Environment- Devices

Physics of nano-photonic structures where the minimal feature sizes are at the single wavelength or even deep subwavelength scales, and the applications of such nanophotonic structures for applications in information and energy technologies and in thermal control.


Nick BambosStephen BoydBill DallyStephen HarrisBert HesselinkMark A. HorowitzUmran InanLeonid KazovskyChristos KozyrakisPhilip LevisAndrea MontanariArogyaswami PaulrajBalaji PrabhakarBen Van RoyHoward Zebker