Stanford Electrical Engineering

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We investigate the physics, materials, devices, and systems using light and electromagnetism generally, for applications including sensing, imaging, communications, energy, biology, medicine, security, and information processing. Our scientific work ranges from basic quantum mechanical processes in nanostructures to planetary science, incorporating technologies from nano and micro scale fabrication through radio and optical fiber communications to environmental probes.

Photonics/EM/Quantum- Photonics

We study novel optoelectronic materials, structures, devices, and their integration with electronic and optical technologies, for applications in information sensing, communications, and processing

Photonics/EM/Quantum – Nano

We study the physics and fabrication of nanostructures and quantum processes with feature sizes at subwavelength or nanoscopic scales, and the applications of such nanostructures in information, energy and bio technologies.

Photonics/EM/Quantum – Communication

We study optical communication systems and networks of all scales, including long-distance, access, data centers, and chip-level interconnects. We also study enabling technologies, including photonic or quantum devices, communication and coding methods, and digital or optical signal processing techniques.

Photonics/EM/Quantum – Imaging

We design systems to acquire, analyze, and process two and three-dimensional datasets. The research includes development of new imaging modalities, new spectral regimes, and new applications of imaging science to biology, medicine and security.

Photonics/EM/Quantum – Radio

Our focus is on research in all fields of electromagnetics, wave propagation, radio and radar systems, remote sensing, interferometry, and applications using these elements as basic building blocks. Application areas include geophysical and planetary science, and geological and environmental measurements.


Don CoxAudrey EllerbeeShanhui Fan, Anthony Fraser-Smith, Joseph Goodman, James HarrisStephen HarrisBert Hesselink,Umran InanJoseph KahnLeonid KazovskyDavid MillerYoshio NishiOlav SolgaardJelena VuckovicYoshihisa YamamotoHoward Zebker.