Publication # 051

D. S. Chemla, D. A. B. Miller and P. W. Smith, "Nonlinear Optical Properties of GaAs/GaAlAs Multiple Quantum Well Material: Phenomena and Applications. Opt. Eng. 24, 556-564 (1985).

Semiconductor microstructures whose dimensions are comparable to atomic dimensions and whose interfaces are atomically smooth exhibit novel optical properties not encountered in the parent compounds. Quantum well structures, which consist of ultrathin semiconductor layers alternately grown one on the other, possess remarkable optical nonlinearities and electro-optical properties with potential applications in optoelectronics The authors review their studies of GaAs/AlGaAs quantum well structures (QWS). They briefly discuss the physics of absorption in QWS at room temperature, and describe the mechanisms of saturation of excitonic absorption and refraction and that of electroabsorption in QWS. Finally, they review the applications of these effects to optical processing and optoelectronic devices

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