Publication # 299

Yang Jiao, Sergei F. Mingaleev, Matthias Schillinger, David A. B. Miller, Shahui Fan, and Kurt Busch, "Wannier Basis Design and Optimization of a Photonic Crystal Waveguide Crossing," IEEE Photonics Technology Letters  17, no.9, p.1875-7 (Sept. 2005)

We employ a novel platform for the realization of tunable photonic crystal (PC) circuits together with a Wannier basis modeling and optimization scheme in order to design a broad-band waveguide crossing. The superior performance characteristics of our design include a high bandwidth (2% of the center frequency) as well as low values for crosstalk (-40 dB) and reflection (-30 dB). In addition, we demonstrate the robustness of the device performance against fabrication disorder. Our novel design paradigm will enable efficient and ultracompact PC-based device designs with complex functionalities.

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