Publication # 308

O. Fidaner, H. V. Demir, V. A. Sabnis, J. -F. Zheng, J. S. Harris, Jr., and D. A. B. Miller, "Integrated photonic switches for nanosecond packet-switched optical wavelength conversion," Opt. Express 14, 361-368 (2006)

We present a multifunctional photonic switch that monolithically integrates an InGaAsP/InP quantum well electroabsorption modulator and an InGaAs photodiode as a part of an on-chip, InP optoelectronic circuit. The optical multifunctionality of the switch offers many configurations to allow for different optical network functions on a single chip. Here we experimentally demonstrate GHz-range optical wavelength-converting switching with only ~10 mW of absorbed input optical power, electronically controlled packet switching with a reconfiguration time of <2.5 ns, and optically controlled packet switching in <300 ps.

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