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Preface to the Online Edition (html) (PDF)

Martin E. Hellman


Publication Information (html) (PDF)

Dedication (html) (PDF)

Acknowledgements (html) (PDF)

Preface: A message to the Scientific Community (html) (PDF)

Sergei P. Kapitza and Martin E. Hellman

The Challenge to Change (html) (PDF)



Inevitability: Collision Course with Disaster

Overview (html) (PDF)

Instabilities in the Control of Nuclear Forces (html) (PDF)

Paul Bracken

Computer System Reliability and Nuclear War (html) (PDF)

Alan Borning

Overlapping False Alarms: Reason for Concern? (html) (PDF)

Linn I. Sennott

Computer War (html) (PDF)

Boris V. Raushenbakh

To Err Is Human: Nuclear War by Mistake? (html) (PDF)

Marianne Fankenhaeuser

The Myth of Rationality in Situations of Crisis (html) (PDF)

Einar Kringlen

Young People and Nuclear War (html) (PDF)

Stanislav K. Roshchin and Tatiana S. Kabachenko

Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons (html) (PDF)

Theodore B. Taylor

Nuclear War: Inevitable or Preventable? (html) (PDF)

Martin E. Hellman


Global Thinking: Visions for the Future

Overview (html) (PDF)

Beyond War: A New Way of Thinking (html) (PDF)

Edited for the Beyond War Foundation by Richard T. Roney

Messages from Global Models about an Interdependent World (html) (PDF)

John M. Richardson, Jr.

Security for All in the Nuclear Age (html) (PDF)

Anatoly A. Gromyko

Problems with the New Way of Thinking (html) (PDF)

Ales Adamovich

Realism and Morality in Politics (html) (PDF)

Andrei V. Kortunov


Process of Change: Individual Action and Collective Transformation

Overview (html) (PDF)


I. Survival as the Superordinate Goal

Moving from Unstable to Stable Peace (html) (PDF)

Kenneth E. Boulding

The Concept of Universal Security: A Revolution of Thinking and Policy in the Nuclear Age (html) (PDF)

Alexander I. Nitkin

Nuclear Revolution and the New Way of Thinking (html) (PDF)

Andrei Y. Melville

The Evolution of Cooperation (html) (PDF)

Robert Axelrod


II Resistance to Change

Dangers and Opportunities for Change from a Physiologist's Point of View (html) (PDF)

Natalia P. Bekhtereva

The Image of the Enemy and the Process of Change (html) (PDF)

Jerome D. Frank and Andrei Y. Melville

Nuclear Disarmament: Ideal and Reality (html) (PDF)

Yuri A. Zamoshkin

Nuclear Reality: Reistance and Adaptation (html) (PDF)

Steven Kull


III. Bringing New Thinking to Life: Building Public Support

The Impact of a US Public Constituency on Arms Control (html) (PDF)

Sidney Drell

Restructuring of Soviet Society (html) (PDF)

Alexander I. Blechuk

Diffusion of the Idea of Beyond War (html) (PDF)

Everett M. Rogers

Similarity or Diversity? (html) (PDF)

Vladimir S. Ageev

New Thinking about Socialism (html) (PDF)

Fyodor M. Burlatsky


Writing This Book (html) (PDF)

Elena Loshchenkova and Craig S. Barnes

References (PDF)


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